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Welcome to KT Brennan Volpino Italiano Dogs!
A Volpino is a member of the Spitz race of dogs. The Spitz group of dogs spread throughout Europe in ancient times and developed into separate breeds. While Volpino's are related to other modern Spitz dogs they do not descend from them, but rather from an common ancient ancestor. It is more than possible that the Volpino may be one of the progenitors of Modern Spitz dogs.

There are artifacts that indicate that the Volpino is an ancient breed over 1000 years old. They were a favorite pet of both royalty and commoners in Europe. Michelangelo had a Volpino as a favorite pet that often accompanied him. In times gone by, they were used as 'alarm' dogs to warn of approaching strangers, kept by cart vendors to attend the cart and keep thieves away and on farms to awaken the larger guard dogs when strangers or predators approached.


Dezi is a beautiful male Volpino with one of the most beautiful faces and forms of any spitz breed out there. Dezi loves to run and play and chase his tennis ball until he tires.  He is a big baby and will try to engage your attention by rolling over in hopes of a belly rub or neck scratch.

Bella, however is not at all shy, trying to bound into the arms of any familiar face and hoping for some horse play. Both love tug of war with a rope or stick, which Dezi always wins, or running in the field trying to pull on each others tails.


After researching on the internet for a breed to replace our beloved pomeranian 'Buddy' who passed away in 2003, we ran across Roberto Francini's web site on his Volpino breeding business. We were impressed with his operation and how he treated his dogs.

We struck a bargain to bring the dogs to Canada in the near future. After much fretting and anxiety, our dogs were born and we started to prepare to receive to new puppies.

We traveled to Italy, near Sienna on May 7, 2006, to pick up our 2 Volpinos, Dezi (male) and Bella (female). I was very pleased to see how beautiful both dogs were. Dezi and Bella are both very beautiful Volpinos.

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